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In Papua New Guinea, New Tribes Mission has eight aircraft including five Cessna 206's, a Bell 206 Long Ranger helicopter and a Beech King Air C90, formerly used by the Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service.


Papua New Guinea is a string of islands stretching about one thousand miles east from Indonesia to the Solomon Islands and about six hundred miles north from Australia to the Equator.  Many of our missionaries live in locations between seventy and one hundred and fifty jungle miles from where their food is purchased.  As a result, in about three thousand hours of flying each year, our aircraft transport over seven thousand passengers and nearly two million pounds of cargo.



Cessna TU206G The Cessna 206 is our workhorse and the backbone of our flight program. The longest flight it normally flies is about two and a half hours one way or 300 nautical miles. Most missionaries are located between 150 and 70 nautical miles from the supply and aircraft base.  Most flights are one hour to two and a half hours round trip.  This aircraft is used for aerial surveys, air drops, medical evacuations and day to day transportation.


Bell 206 LongRanger Helicopter The LongRanger provides essential service to our missionaries living in remote locations in rugged terrain which would otherwise only be accessible by a difficult walk.


Beech King Air C90 The King Air provides pressurized service for medical evacuation to Australia and can fly to Cairns, Australia from anywhere in Papua New Guinea. The lack of adequate medical facilities in Papua New Guinea has made this a necessity. It has been used to save many lives. God provided two of these aircraft which were purchased from the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia.  The second C90 is being used for parts in support of the C90 until funds are provided to bring it up to our operational standards. These aircraft provide day to day transportation between major centers in Papua New Guinea.


Quest Kodiak The Quest Kodiak aircraft is designed to do what we do. New Tribes Mission took delivery in 2010 of the first of fourteen aircraft ordered.  In 2011 we expect the second one to delivered to Papua New Guinea. Costs after delivery of about $500,000 each are expected to prepare the aircraft for use in Papua New Guinea.  If you would like to assist with this project, please contact New Tribes Mission Aviation:

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