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Unique Architcture for a Clear Gospel Message


Who is in command here? 

Take me to your leader! 

Where is the boss? 

Authority is very much a part of our lives from parents guiding children to traffic lights and travel visas.  Somebody somewhere is in charge of almost every activity on the planet.  What you believe about authority will very much affect your life.  For instance, try stepping off of an airliner from Asia in Los Angeles without going through the Customs or Immigration checkout counters!  You will find yourself very much in the middle of a confrontation with authority! 

Authority plays a very big part in how a person acts, where he or she goes and why. This is very much true in regard to God and eternity.

A friend of mine was kidnapped in Colombia, South America. The guerillas who held him told him they did not believe in God and that killing him would be no different than shooting a hole in a tree.  They felt that are no consequences for their actions and that they could do as they wish when and wherever they would be pleased to do so.  Were they correct?  Is murder OK?  Is it alright to kill anyone you choose whenever you please?  Who says it is wrong and why?  On what authority will you judge their actions? Government laws that change with the whims of judges and politicians? Shall we judge them by the authority of popular opinion of the day which changes with the winds of feeling?  I think not. 

The only authority that has proven to be consistently reliable and has withstood scrutiny for centuries is God's written message to man, the Holy Bible. The Bible is the authority by which we judge right from wrong and good from evil. God has spelled it out clearly and plainly for all to see. It hasn't changed.  It has proven reliable throughout history for nation after nation and generation after generation. Those who have adhered to the teachings therein have been blessed and those who have disregarded the writings therein have suffered the consequences foretold in it. 

God is our ultimate Authority.  God is personal and knowable.  He wants us all to know what He thinks.  His intent is good and his warnings are clear. And He has had them written out for all to see. 

We believe God's Word the Holy Bible is God's instruction manual for human life and is the final authority for faith, life, government, relationships, family and religion.  While there are some things that might be interpreted in the Bible, for the most part it should simply be read and believed.  

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