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No flights today.  Bart and I use the time wisely to study for the Australian Instrument Rating Test.  Suddenly we are interrupted by a phone call.  A man with cerebral malaria needs to be flown from Aiboki to medical facilities. Bart makes a quick trip a mile home to get his flight gear while I prepare the airplane for flight.  Soon we are flying to Aiboki.  At Aiboki the patient has not yet arrived, but is traveling on the ocean by boat.  So, we wait, and visit with the local children.

Soon we hear a boat in the distance.  Running to the bank of the river we see the boat turn in off of the ocean. They have a stretcher built across the top of the boat and forked pole sticking up withan IV bottle hanging from it.  The man has been sedated for the trip, so convulsions have ceased.  We carry him to the airplane and strap him in.  The nurse and a guardian join us for the trip.  Enroute home we radio ahead to have the ambulance meet us at the airport.  After a short delay the ambulance arrives.  We load the patient into the ambulance and  they are on the way to the Kimbe Hospital.


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