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Papua New Guinea is a beautiful collection of islands spread out just south of the equator stretching about 1000 miles east from Indonesia and about 600 miles north from Australia. 

Finisterre Mountains Sepik River Basin Highlands Sloped runway 18%

It is a land of great contrast with peaks rising to nearly three miles high with temperatures dropping as low as freezing at night and wide jungle basins in steamy jungle with temperatures rarely below 80 degrees F.  

Islands Volcano Sepik Sunset Sepik Plains Highlands grasslands

Rivers begin as waterfalls in mountains and spill into wide meandering slow moving rivers cut through the jungle at elevations under 300 feet and cut through the beaches to spill into the ocean as brown, green and blue waters.  

Islands Coastline More Finisterre Mountains Sepik Beaches Wewak Finisterre Airports

The beaches are a variety of black and white sand near some of the most beautiful reefs in the world and broken by brown, green and blue rivers. 

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