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It is a lot of fun flying small aircraft into short, sloped, slippery grass runways in rugged mountains and soggy swamps!  It is on the edge flying and has its own set of challenges day by day. Come away from those stable boring airliners and fly the unfriendly skies! 

Actually, we do as much as possible to put boring back into our flying, because boring usually means safety margins.  Like the old saying goes: there are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots! A lot of us in the bush flying business would like to make it to "old pilot." 

Some of the airstrips we fly into are short, sloped, slippery wet, grass runways at altitude carved out of the side of mountains towering well above 5000 feet above sea level. Many of them are one-way airstrips; which means that there is an abort point beyond which the only way to avoid becoming a statistic is to somehow get the aircraft onto the prepared surface.  One airstrip is 1200 feet long at the end of a 5 mile-long canyon with a prepared surface sloping 18%. (Up 18 feet in 100 feet!) Another is a nice long paved runway at 7200 feet above sea level which slopes down so steeply on the approach end that it is very difficult to make put the wheels on the surface in the first hundred yards, then abruptly changes direction and slopes almost 6% up the hill to the parking area. Many of the airstrips in Papua New Guinea slope 10% or greater. Many that are not built on slopes are surrounded by tall trees of the dense jungle and are soft, wet and muddy due to frequent heavy rains.

Well, there are some interesting things about the flying, the people and the places we go, so I will direct you to the links on the left of this page and below.  Airplanes shows the different type of aircraft we use. Pilot training shows the training process to become a pilot.   Mission Pilot shows the process of training a missionary bush pilot.  Be sure to check out the Photo Album link above.  Happy trails!

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