Our work is entirely supported by gifts from individuals, churches, families and friends who desire to enable us to continue on. 

If you desire to have a part in assisting us financially, here is how to do it: 

Gifts may now be made electronically over the web at:

Direct link: Randy & Diana Smyth

About: Tax Deductible Ministry Gifts

About: Personal Gifts

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Gifts "For the ministry of Randy & Diana Smyth" are directed entirely to our NTM ministry account.

Your gifts to enable us to serve in Papua New Guinea are very much appreciated!!  

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Tax Deductible Ministry Gifts
(TAX Deductible Receipts Returned to you):

Send ALL Financial Gifts to:

New Tribes Mission
312 West First Street
Sanford, FL 32771
(407) 323-3430


Make all checks payable to "New Tribes Mission"
Designate check for the specific ministry toward which you desire to contribute. 

Gifts to support Randy Smyth's ministry should be designated:
"For the Ministry of Randy & Diana Smyth"

If you would like to give to a specific ministry or project send a note with the check (or memo on the check) explaining clearly the project or ministry toward which you would like the money to go.

For example, gifts toward the needed airplane should be designated: 

"King Air 200 Project."

Gifts toward helicopter pilot training should be designated:
"Papua New Guinea Helicopter Pilot training." 

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Undesignated gifts will be distributed as designated by the Executive Committee of New Tribes Mission.


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NON-Tax Deductible: Personal Gifts

Personal Gifts such as Christmas or Birthday or other personal events are not Tax Deductible. 

A Tax Deductible Receipt will be NOT be returned to you for these.

Write check to "Randy Smyth" or 
Make check payable to "New Tribes Mission" and send a note that it is a personal gift to Randy or Diana Smyth