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We plant Bible churches. 

We are an organization of Bible-believing Christians dedicated to planting self-supporting, self-governing, self-propagating indigenous New Testament churches among remote people groups who have not heard the Good News message of salvation through faith in Christ alone. 

We go into remote areas by invitation of the local people, learn their language and culture, and teach them the Bible beginning in Genesis. We have found it necessary to lay a firm foundation in teaching. We teach the local people to read in their own language. Our work involves translating the Bible into the tribal language. 

Though we find humanitarian efforts such as medical assistance, community development, and supplemental food necessary to meet basic needs of the people we work with, our main objective is to meet the spiritual needs of the people. (See Why We Do It.) We can change external circumstances temporarily, but unless there are changes from the inside out, the changes we bring will leave them when we do. So our primary objective is to show them their Creator's point of view concerning their lives, thus giving them the opportunity to bring about lasting change for good.

Frequently the people we work with live in places that are not easy to visit or live. Travel to establish a work or to meet food and material needs in an existing work is very hard work. Some places are accessible only by hiking a day or two over rugged terrain to get to the nearest airstrip. Many tribal locations require four hours of boat travel to meet an airplane and receive mail.

Airstrips and airplanes save very much time and hard work.  A few minutes in an airplane often saves our missionaries days of time.

Our ministry is to speed the work of church planting by providing safe, rapid transportation.

We speed the work. 

More of what we do is explained under Bush Pilot and Our Ministry (above).  Pictures in our Photo Album also give more detail.  Our ministries help to speed the work of tribal church planting in Papua New Guinea.  Two minutes in an airplane can save missionaries days of surface travel.  The flying enables our missionaries to be more efficient and effective in their work. It also enables them to briefly drop their own ministries to assist missionaries in other locations.  Food and medical assistance can be brought in to meet immediate needs. Overall, we are more effective as missionaries because we have access to assistance at almost a moment's notice.  We are able to encourage each other through more frequent contact.  See also: MedFlight.

Pictures in our Photo Album also give more detail. 

How to support us financially: Gifts.htm

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