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Unique Architcture for a Clear Gospel Message


Why do we do this mission work? 

We believe that because man is and does evil and because God is perfectly Holy, perfectly righteous, and perfectly just, every person stands condemned before God.  God's standard by which we are judged is not our own goodness but his own righteous perfection. But God has provided only one way (a very good way!) for us to escape His anger against sin.  Every person needs to know that way of escape!

What people do with the message we bring is THEIR business.  Bringing the message of salvation through Jesus Christ to them, clearly, so that they can make that choice, is OUR business. 

The message of eternal life we bring is not a message of religion, for religion brings man-made standards of performance which no person ever fully meets. Religion brings heavy burdens of humanly unattainable standards, work and despair to devout people which binds them.  The message of eternal life is a message of freedom when one realizes that, though no effort toward goodness is enough, God has already provided perfect righteousness for all who will trust in the substitutionary sacrifice of His Son, Jesus Christ.

We believe that the "Good News" message needs to be clearly presented to all men everywhere.  In my home country there are Churches in every city, and Bibles in nearly every store, bookstore, library, and public building.  In addition, there are preachers who broadcast over radios and television daily.  Nearly every courthouse and old government building has Bible verses displayed or built in.  Bible proverbs are in secular literature everywhere.  The founding documents of our nation and of many of the states make clear reference to our responsibilities before God.  Our laws, our culture, our judgments, and our speech are permeated with influence from a Biblical heritage. (Though, it seems, greatly in decline!)  We have had our chance (and still have it). 

Some people groups of the remote areas of the world have not had the chance to hear the message of salvation through Christ even one time!  It is very evident in their lives.  What we would call common sense is not common to the rest of the world.  The "Good News" message changes that!  It gives life to the dying, health to the sick, sight to the blind, and wisdom to the foolish.  Frequently these are physical benefits as well as spiritual! 

Most of all these people are bound for an eternity separated from God.  Forever separated from all that is Good!  God has provided a way of escape at great expense to Himself!  We must warn them and show them God's way of escape!   


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